Meet Karen

In the 2010 General election, and with only a few months of campaigning, Karen pulled in nearly 40% of the vote against Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. After such a strong showing in her first attempt  at seeking public office, and an outcry of support from her family and supporters, Karen decided to make another run for Congress. She is running for public office  to bring common sense back to Washington D.C., work on behalf of small business, tackle the crippling debt and ensure that  Social Security and Medicare reforms become part of the political discourse in Washington,D.C.

Karen is a small business owner. She has been running a family restaurant with her sister for the last 30 years. This first hand experience taught Karen the value of family and the importance of hard work. Karen’s roots to the community go back to 1969 when her parents moved to South Florida from western Massachusetts. While the family of seven lived in a one-bedroom apartment, her parents worked odd jobs to provide for their children as best they could. After years of saving they were able to open their first restaurant.

Karen’s life was shaped by the work and sacrifice she saw as a child. She has continued to give back through fundraising for youth organizations and as a cancer survivor, is a strong advocate for Cancer Awareness. Karen and her husband Glenn have three children, Ryan, Kyle and daughter Ashley.