Lawn Service

Your lawn deserves Your True Green Yards

No two lawns are the same. Your lawn has its own specific characteristics and needs specialized care in order to stay green and beautiful. Because we at Your True Green Yards understand the unique nature of each lawn, we offer a scientific approach to lawn care. Instead of using a standard boilerplate method to treat your lawn, we use science to determine what kind of care your lawn needs at any given time. Our Your True Green Yards lawn experts are PhD-certified specialists who will perform an extensive Healthy Lawn Analysis and, based on their findings, execute a lawn care plan that’s right for your lawn. The plan will be specifically designed to ensure that your lawn reaches optimum quality and capability.

Thorough analysis

When testing your lawn, Your True Green Yards considers various factors that help us determine the best way to treat your lawn. These factors include the weather conditions your lawn is exposed to, the nature and health of your soil, the kind of grass you have and the function and purpose of your lawn. This comprehensive analysis will help us pinpoint the exact current state of your lawn and the best way to nurture it to maximum health.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not only do we perform a through scientific analysis to find the best care plan for your lawn, we offer a Healthy Lawn Guarantee. That means we absolutely guarantee you will be satisfied with our services. That’s how confident we are in our work. In fact, we will make any changes you require of us in to order to make sure you feel we have fulfilled your expectations in restoring and beautifying your lawn.

Here are some of the ways we will service your lawn:

Weed control

One goal is to control your weed population so that it does not compromise the health of your lawn. Too many weeds can drain all the nutrients out of your soil. We will remove the culprit weeds and prevent them from spreading, damaging and taking over your lawn.


At the same time we want to relieve your lawn of pesky weeds, we want the grass itself to grow healthy and flourish. We use a fertilization technique that slowly releases nutrients into the soil. This process not only promotes growth but keeps your lawn healthy over time.

Pest control

Your True Green Yards also checks your lawn for insects or other bugs that can cause damage to your lawn. Among these are fire ants and chinch bugs. Some of these eat the grass while others attack the roots, causing unsightly bald spots or brown patches on your lawn. Once a problem is identified we immediately work to control the situation and prevent an infestation.


Aeration feeds more oxygen into your soil and allows it to absorb more nutrients. It may even stimulate new growth in the holes made for aeration. This will make your lawn healthy and thick with a rich green color.

Soil pH Balance

We use lime, sulfur and other micronutrients to ensure your soil had the right alkalinity and acidity ratio. The correct pH balance allows soil to be receptive to fertilization and other treatments. It also ensures maximum nutrient absorption.